We typically rent 5-10 apartments and houses each year by correspondence. Of course not everyone feels comfortable doing this. We can provde references of current tenants who have done such and have been most satisfied.

For those you wanting to make a lease via correspondence:

  • We will email you the filled in lease for your review.
  • Email or phone calls will resolve any questions you have or errors you find, with a revised lease emailed to you if necessary.
  • Once satisfied with the lease, print out and sign two copies, double sided preferred. Most printers cannot print double sided, but you can first print out 2 copies of the first page of the lease, and then place these back in the paper tray so that the second sides will print on the back sides of the first.
  • OVERNIGHT both copies with a check for the deposit and first month's rent (or what other total amount we agreed to), making the check out to the agent named on the lease!! Do not make the check out to SJapartments!!
  • Once the parcel has been sent, advise us by email of the parcel's carrier (post office, UPS, Fed EX, etc.) and tracking number. The tracking number allows tracing the parcel on the internet, making a signed return receipt unnecessary. (If you request such a receipt, and we are not present when the parcel arrives, we will have to drive several miles the next day to retrieve the package.)
  • We will acknowledge receipt of the signed leases and check by email, sign both copies of the lease, and, unless we agree otherwise, will send one of the lease copies back to you by regular mail.