The Apartment FAQ link on the left contains information applicable to all our apartments, and directions to each building we own. The Apartments Available link lists our available apartments by size.

Two-thirds of our tenants from this year have renewed--extraordinarily high considering the transient nature of Champaign-Urbana.

Several tenants have rented from us for five or ten years.

We also rent several apartments/houses each year based on referrals from current and former tenants.

For those of you now distant from Illinois and who lack the time or money to make an apartment hunting trip here, we typically rent several apartments and houses each year by correspondence. The "Renting from afar" link on the left provides details.

Apartments available in May or June can be rented just for the summer

Upon request, we can give you contact information for current and/or former tenants so you can confirm their satisfaction and their recommendation that you should rent from us.

Semester leases are considered for other units still unrented two weeks before the start of the semester, and/or at a rental rate 15-20% more than that posted.

Any feedback by email about this site and the listings here is appreciated. For example:

  • The helpfulness of the site.
  • What you think about the various listings and why
  • How these listing compare to others you've seen
  • Any other concerns you might have