When contacting us (email preferred), please provide the following information, which allows us to
(a) ensure you're inquiring about a unit suitable for you,
(b) recommend other units consistent with your needs, and
(c) screen out the 30% of our responses which are scams, spam or from those definitely financially unqualified
  • When are you hoping to move into a place?
  • Why are you moving from the place you are now living?
  • Have you seen the photos on thiis web site for apartments and/or houses?
    (Most of our apartments include heat and water in the rent !!!)
  • Have you driven by the place ?
  • Who would be living in the place ?
  • What pets would be living there ?
  • Where do you and any housemates work or go to school ?
  • If going to school, what are you studying and when do you expect to graduate ?
  • What is your phone number ?
Email (preferred): sjapartments@gmail.com
Phone: (650) 383-7786 (10am-9pm)